A large drift of ‘Pohjola’s Daughter’ rhododendrons
A large drift of ‘Pohjola’s Daughter’ rhododendrons

Special Tours and Lectures

Robert Gillmore gives special tours of the Birchwood, as well as lectures on woodland gardens and other aspects of naturalistic garden design, to garden clubs, landscape associations, and other interested organizations.

For Gillmore’s books and publications, lecture history, and other vitae see Special Garden Tours and Lectures.

For more information, or to book lectures or tours, e-mail the Evergreen Foundation at evergreenfoundationnh@gmail.com, or call 603-497-8020.

Photo by Eileen Oktavec

The Birchwood’s nearly 700 Catawba rhododendrons will be in bloom when the 7-acre garden opens for the first time Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 9, 10, and 11, 2023.